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Build a Bullet-Proof Data Privacy

Consumer Privacy Acts

CCPA 5 Rights
Effective Jan. 2020 in California

General Data Protection Regulation

Data Security Measures
Accountability to Data Privacy
GDPR 7 Principles | GDPR Penalties

Smartphone protection

messages, photos and personal data


Identity & access management,
Authenticate Passport, ID, Certificate, Membership, Credit Card, Gift Card, Coupon, Product, and protection from counterfeits

Secure Protection

Unauthorized Copies, hacking and distribution of consumer data, Credit card and confidential digital assets


Data &
Digital Assets

Secure Data Sharing

Millions of people are exchanging information, messages, emails, photos and documents every day through smartphones, computers, social media and e-commerce.

How to secure the message, documents, private photos, and sensitive data after you sent?

Build A Data Security Roadmap

data security 101

Protect critical assets

☑ Policy & governance of data security
☑ Identification of critical assets
☑ Access control | IDPS
☑ Incident Handling Procedure
☑ Data Stewardship Training

Layers of Security

Protective Measures
of Data Breach Incidents

☑ Authentication
☑ Obfuscation
☑ Multi-Layered security with Key Management


of Chief Security Information Officers do not know where the critical data asset is

Totally New Way Of
Data Breach Protection
and Digital Asset Protection

Join Consumer Privacy and Alliance  Consortium

Digital Transformation with Data Security

Build a strong digital transformation roadmap with built-in data breach protection as an extra layer of security 

Consumer Privacy and Protection From Data Breach

Protect data breach from smartphone, personal smart devices, finance and banking information

Corporate Digital Asset Protection for IT Management

Protect form unauthorized copy, download, and secure sharing of confidential digital assets and information


of consumers say it is "Extremely Important" that companies quickly take the right actions to stop a privacy data breach.


of consumers think government should do more to protect data privacy. Social Media sites are the least trusted, followed by travel and retail industries.

Faster, Flexible and Strong Data Breach Protection.

Convert Text, Images, and Sensitive Digital Assets into
Obfuscated Cryptographic Image shuffling for Secure Exchange,
Only readable to Authorized recipients and environments.

Payload Protection of Transmitted Data.
Powerful True Authentication & identify security from Counterfeits.

Compliance and Accountability of
Consumer Privacy Acts and General Data Protection Regulation
for Corporate IT Managers & Consumer Privacy

Secure Protection

Unauthorized Copies, Downloads and Hacking of Sensitive Data, Images, and Confidential Document


True Identity & Access, Title, Certificate, Gift Card, Mobile ID, Genuine Product ID, Copyrighted Materials, Corporate Document.

Secure Exchange

Email, RCS, SMS, social media sharing of private messages, photos and copyrighted content

User-initiated Security | Secure Exchange of Confidential Data & Authentication | Flexible Security Layers

Digital Platform with Data Security

Consumer Privacy and Private Data Breach Protection of e-Commerce, Smart Device and Autonomous Driving Platform
Sensitive Data Protection of
Smart IOT and Big Data Appliance, and AL/ML/DL Ecosystem
Unauthorized Access and Data Breach of Artificial and Human Intelligence Platform and Privacy Intelligence
Digital Transformation with Data Security, Integration and Fulfillment Services and Authentication from Counterfeits
Digital Asset Security and Unauthorized Copy Protection of R&D Data of Industry 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing
Testing, Integration of Consumer Privacy Applications and Big Data Appliance with Data Security

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